The Difference Factors Influencing the Chinese and Foreign Creative Fashion Design Talent Cultivation and Contrast Analysis

502 (1)Authors: Yating Zhang, Hongjian Qu
Clothing Institute, Shanghai university of Engineering and Technology, Shanghai, China
Abstract: This paper summarizes 11 possible difference factors affecting domestic and foreign creative fashion design talent training through an extensive literature review, and extracts three common factors by the R-type factor analysis. Finally, picking up the University of Edinburgh with first-class School of Design and the domestic Donghua University with excellent clothing major for example, and providing improvement direction for Chinese creative costume design talent training.
Keywords: The Chinese and Foreign Creative Fashion Design, Talent Cultivation, Different Factors, Comparative Analysis


With the rapid development of economy and technology, as well as the deepening of economic globalization, the creative industries have been the core of the industry’s economic growth and the important factors of measuring international competitiveness. As part of the creative industries, the development of creative fashion design lies in the promotion of talents. Currently, the international influence of our clothing brands isn’t high,and brand imitation seriously , especially children’s wear. Moreover, the training model of excellent designers is single , and teaching exists some errors, also irrational structure of teachers and single teaching methods and other malpractices. With the advent of the personalized era, clothing consumer brand awareness has enhanced, and increasingly demanding for all aspects of clothing. In the face of strong international brands attack, China want to complete the shift of”big clothing country” to “powerful clothing country” , which needs a batch of professional creative fashion design talents to build counter market, and win high efficiency. From the literature consulted , which are mostly from the status of fashion design talents to explore teaching strategies. This paper, from international perspective,analyzes the difference factors affecting Chinese and foreign creative fashion design talent training, providing improved direction for Chinese creative fashion design talent training.

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