Why is Divorce becoming so common today?

f9178366c5e2a45005b8114515d44bc6If you actually thought cheating in marriage is the main reason for divorce, then you are mistaken!  Many people are out there looking for the reason for the breakdown of their marriage. What factors really led to your spouse or you to no longer have interest in the marriage?

Top Reasons for Divorce

From sex to money and everything else that comes in between, the following are the 10 causes of divorce-;

  1. Disappearance of Intimacy

It reaches somewhere in your marriage whereby you hit a subtle change the department of intimacy. One person tends to think the other one is not sexual or romantic. Many academic journals have written that it does matter if it is the man or the woman, the marriage can be turned down just because of that. Women tend to have the desire to get romanced while men on the other hand require sexual receptivity in order to feel romantic. If this is absent, it can lead to divorce.

  1. Being in the Marriage for the Wrong Reasons

If you married for money then that is definitely a quick ticket to divorce. Also, if you married because you actually thought you ought to be in a marriage, then you will not stay for long in it.

  1. Lack of Shared Success Vision

Maybe your man saves and all you want to do is spend or maybe your idea of a weekend away is going to camp and sleep in an expensive cottage house in the woods. Your man on the other hand wants to catch a game and take you for an ice-cream in town. These differences may lead to a divorce

  1. Unmet Anticipations.

According to peer reviewed journal articles, when married partners are trying to force each other into doing things that they do not want to do for the sake of their happiness, this this could be a major problem. If you are not happy in a relationship, then it is okay to talk about it and reach a solution. However, if the other partner does not accommodate you then it is okay to look for what makes you happy.

  1. Poor Conflict Resolution Methods.

Every marriage faces disagreements. The main solution is to have respects for each other and know how to solve conflicts. In cases where couples require a third party to explain the rules of marriage to them, then it can lead to a divorce.

  1. Finances

Lack of finances does not lead to divorce; however, lack of compatibility in the financial field leads to divorce.