Scientific paper:Gravitational Propulsion by Help of Vacuum Holes

Authors: Constantin Leshan

Abstract: A new concept, the gravitational propulsion, or “Hole Levitation”, is proposed which propels vehicle by using the artificial gravity (vacuum holes). Such gravitational propulsion is similar to gravitational slingshot but without the need for large masses like planets and complicate maneuvers. The source of artificial gravitation accelerates the vehicle in one direction and the surrounding medium in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is not a reactionless drive: momentum is taken from the surrounding stars and planets and conferred on the vehicle and thus is conserved overall. The artificial gravity generator can damp or neutralize inertial forces due to the levitating vehicle is able to move with large acceleration, which is not acceptable for other means of transport.

image002 (42)

Keywords: Artificial Gravity, Vacuum Holes, Gravity Control, Levitation, Inertia

If you like, you can read this scientific paper in American Journal of Modern Physics.


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