Advances in Surgical Sciences

256Advances in Surgical Sciences (ASS)

ISSN Print: 2376-6174
ISSN Online: 2376-6182
Advances in Surgical Sciences (ASS) provides a forum for the publication of scientific research and review articles. The journal publishes original full-length research papers in all areas related to surgical diseases or exploring pathogenesis, etiology, and mechanisms of disease processes are given priority. Research articles which integrate molecular biological methods, along with functional studies, into the analysis of biological questions and advance basic as well as translational knowledge in surgical pathophysiology are also welcomed.
Advances in Surgical Sciences is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal, publishing original research, reports, reviews and commentaries on all areas of surgical sciences. Subject areas may include, but are not limited to the following fields:
Trauma surgery          Laparoscopic surgery
Colorectal surgery      Breast surgery
Vascular surgery         Endocrine surgery
Transplant surgery     Surgical oncology
Clinical and experimental surgery
Surgical education and history
Surgical care               Cardiothoracic surgery
Surgical practice and teaching
Lower GI surgery        Surgical management
Upper GI surgery
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