Book:Life Cycle of CO 2 (LCCO 2) Evaluation and Service Life Prediction of RC Structure Considering Carbonation Degree of Concrete

Han Seung Lee ,  Mohamed Abdel Kader Ismail ,  Sang Hyun Lee ,  Mohd Warid Hussin
ISBN: 978-1-940366-47-0
Published Date:September, 2015
About this book: 
Concrete carbonation decreases durability of concrete. Therefore, quantitative evaluating method for the amount of CO2 absorption through carbonation should be considered under the condition that carbonation does not affect durability of RC structure. This study proposed a quantitative evaluating method that overcomes the limitation of the traditional qualitative evaluation, which is carried out using the naked eye with respect to the color change boundary by spraying indicator. Carbonation depth becomes the basic data for estimating the residual life and durability of RC structures. To achieve this objective, the quantitative change of Ca(OH) 2 and CaCO3 for each depth in concrete according to the carbonation process is measured using TG/DTA in order to propose a quantitative method and an evaluation basis. Another goal is to propose evaluating method of CO2absorption in the air through carbonation and how to evaluate LCCO2(emission – absorption of CO2).
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