Stress Management

Cropped image of young woman meditating in lotus position by forest river
Cropped image of young woman meditating in lotus position by forest river

Every person feels stressed at one time. It is very healthy and normal to face a challenge or a change. But if the feeling goes for more than one week, it can affect your health.

It is vital to learn how to manage stress and keep it from making you sick through learning the possible healthy ways to manage it.  You perhaps cannot obliterate all stress in your life. But you can possibly get better at managing it.

Signs of Stress

Some biology articles have written that stress affects all aspects of our life as well as our thinking capabilities, emotions, and physical health. The following are common stress signs-:

  1. Persistent headache
  2. Difficulty in decision-making
  3. Feeling overwhelmed
  4. Feelings of worthlessness or loneliness
  5. Social isolation or withdrawal
  6. Constant fatigue weakness, and tiredness
  7. Increased substance abuse
  8. Depression or wild mood changes
  9. Decreased or increased appetite
  10. Communication problems

Causes of Stress

According to scientific research the following are causes of Stress

  1. Long working hours
  2. Not satisfied with your current job
  3. Working under strict and dangerous conditions
  4. Too much responsibilities
  5. Insecurities about your chance to make advancement in your life
  6. Divorce
  7. Death of a loved one
  8. Injury or chronic illness
  9. Loss of a job
  10. Emotional issues (anxiety, depression, and low-self-esteem).

10 Healthy Ways of Managing Stress

Engage in physical exercise. This is one of the easiest and manageable ways of coping with stress. Exercise enables your brain to release all chemicals that enable you to feel good.

Recognize the things that you cannot control. Accepting and learning that you are not in the power to control some things enables you to let go easily.

Eat healthy. Engaging in healthy diets helps in fueling your mind and body. It will not hurt to skip the high-sugar snack and consider vegetables or low-fat foods.

Saying NO is important. Learn how to say no by setting limits. Request for help whenever you think it is necessary.

Connect with your loved ones. Be social and never let stress take that from you.. Spending time with friends and families helps you forget and feel better about whatever it is that you are going through. Learn to confide in someone you can trust.

Get enough sleep. Getting a good night sleep enables you to think more clearly about your issues and gain more energy to face another day. God sleep is important as one is able to handle problems. Sleep for 7 to 9 hours each night.

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