Bizarre fish species, ancient volcanoes discovered off Australia

A new and bizarre fish species identified only as a scale-less blackfish was discovered off Australia, along with a cluster of four ancient volcanoes. Photo: CSIRO News

Not only did an Australian government research team discover a cluster of 50 million-year-old volcanoes — an amazing find by itself — it discovered a new scary-looking fish species that features terrifying jaws and teeth, relative to their size.

The bizarre scale-less blackfish that was found was about the size of a fingertip, and had fangs, and a tail with a potential sting, according to CSIRO News and the Daily Mail.

Also discovered was what the Mail called a “nightmare-inducing chauliodontidae” with a massive set of teeth and an eel-like idiacanthidae, though it was unclear whether these were new subspecies.

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