In order to prolong the life of Earth, new energy technology continues to upgrade

The environmental protection of Earth has always been a research subject which continues to be explored by scholars, and in recent years as people continue to use the planet’s resources, the future survival of humanity will face a great crisis. Currently, scholars continue to promote energy conservation has gained ground. Besides these, scientists are also constantly on the green energy technology research and development, for researching and developing a new energy without destroying the environment to sustain human life.

At present, the country has a strong strength of green energy research and development in the world, is American, the US economy is relatively advanced level of development, with a strong economic support and research & development capabilities. In the research platform like Science Publishing G in United States, there are a green energy R & D sector on their journal, there is a discussion of several authors use microcontroller to mimic the solar system works, although the present situation, this paper has a theoretical basis, but current technology still a lot of content can not be achieved, which brings significant barrier to new energy research and development. And the cost of this technology uses up relatively high, the risk is relatively large, there are a lot of technical problems need to be cracked.

In addition, the use of biological technology to develop new energy sources has become one of America’s important researches & development projects, bio-energy compared to mechanical energy, pollution to the environment to be much smaller, but equally controllable bio-energy is relatively small, you can not provide a steady supply of energy.

On the whole, the United States has begun a new energy research and development results, and those results also have to be shared on some platforms, which draw on research conducted in other countries in the world provides a good idea. I think the platform like Science Publishing Group, although it’s a group publishing, it provide a large platform open access for the scientist all over the world, and they use the platform to share research results and discuss scientific subject using their scientific papers and scientific research articles, promote the development of science and technology.

I believe in the future with the efforts of mankind together, the Earth’s life will also be extended, and people all over the world will contribute their strength for the continued survival of the human, it’s the continuation of civilization humanity.


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